Rural Health and Sanitation

CRW promotes rural health and sanitation in SSA by supporting projects which aimed at improving the health of rural populations through activities that find solutions to household nutrition problems; strengthen health care delivery, reduce the spread of disease, and address the effects of HIV/AIDS on families and food security. CRW also aims under this field of intervention to address basic household sanitation problems in rural areas so as to prevent common local hygienic problems from degenerating into harmful human illnesses, for example cholera, diarrhea and dysentery.

Among others, we focus our intervention on

  • HIV/AIDS education and prevention encourage testing and early treatments to infected persons. We also give support to infected persons in terms of counseling and the provision of free antiretroviral drugs
  • Common hygienic awareness for rural households and communities
  • Support to rural health infrastructures like health centers, clinics and hospitals
  • Clean drinking water projects for rural people
  • Encourage rural farmers to produce and consume nutritive food varieties
  • Promotion of safety/healthy food production systems