Rural Conflict Management

Due to the absence of a main newspaper for rural people in SSA, it does not mean these remote areas do not in themselves have any conflicts or social tension. Rural conflict though sometimes may be looked at as mean when compared to international conflicts between nations, regions, religion and so on; they really exist an sometimes might go as far as blocking the development of a community. This is true because people in conflicts sometimes avoid working together due to tension between both parties. By so doing development which would have been attained through cooperation is lost. For this reason, CRW believes another way to achieve true development in a rural locality will be to improve on the social relations of individuals in such a society. This means reducing tension which in many cases yields no good apart from short and long term conflicts in communities concerned. CRW therefore promote projects related to/or focused on:

  • Capacity building for rural institutions working on rural conflict prevention and management
  • Preventing or mitigating domestic violence against women and children
  • Preventing conflicts which usually arise due to exploration of rural natural resources
  • Preventing Farmer-grassier problems
  • Preventing cultural and tribal conflicts within families, communities and regions
  • preventing rural land disputes within/between families and between/within communities
  • Improving and increasing dialogue among/between community members, local leaders and institutions
  • Encouraging participatory project planning and appraisal