Rural Agric Research & Dev’t

CRW works in this domain to increase the productivity and income of rural farmers by promoting market-oriented strategies and the introduction/promotion of sustainable agricultural innovations and technologies which effectively suits the needs of local farmers, as well as prevailing local environmental conditions. Under this field, we support three categories of services, which include

On farm services

Our on farm interventions include the following:

  • Promote the use of improved varieties and labour-saving technologies by rural farmers
  • Promote the use of local staple and alternative crops
  • Provide solutions to sustainable livestock production technology
  • Promotion of model and demonstration farms within the limits of local environmental conditions
  • support programs for women farmers
  • Promotion of income and job generating farming activities

Agricultural services


Under this category, we provide the following services:

  • Innovative credit and loan programs for rural farmers
  • Input supplier networks
  • Irrigation and renewable energy systems
  • Context adapted Agricultural extension services
  • Post harvest processing, storage and transportation, and technical assistance


Market-based services

A good number of rural farmers and their households in SSA are still today practicing subsistence farming. This phenomenon lies behind many reasons making rural households in this region to be vulnerable to hunger crisis and extreme poverty which among others include traditional land rights, the diverse nature of local customs and community beliefs. CRW believes rural African agriculture could thrive well if market-based approaches are exploited by both the local farmers and other partners of development in the region. Under this category of our intervention we work to promote

  • Agri-business development services
  • Public private partnership
  • Infrastructures linked to buyers and producers
  • Producer associations and cooperatives
  • National policy assessment and rural economic planning
  • Alternative income generation programs
  • Rural enterprise development programs

Research Based Services

We promote agricultural research in rural areas through support to students who have through their academic work demonstrated excellence records and great enthusiasm in either the agriculture or rural development sector and are also currently carrying out their end of course Research Thesis on a topic aimed at addressing Rural Agricultural production and development problems in Sub Saharan Africa. We also encourage other researchers to carry out their research in SSA; by so doing we help to find solutions to the real problems of Rural Farmers and communities in SSA. We also make sure that all rural research results carried on one or more topics related to our areas of intervention in the region are well disseminated via our website and quarterly journal. This way, the today seemingly scarce up-to-date information on current rural agricultural research achievements in this region would be generated for both the present and future solutions to recurring hunger and poverty crises in the region. In order to be able realize this goal, we do this in collaboration with universities both in Europe and in Africa. We believe true solutions to poverty and hunger in the region can be found through research on agricultural production systems in the region-taking into account the fact that more than 70% of rural households in this region earn their living from agriculture. And that the agro-climatic zones in the region also greatly vary from one region to the next. For this reason context (regional) suited solutions to agricultural production in the area are highly a paramount prescription for true agricultural research and development in the region.

  • Rural hunger and poverty alleviation oriented research projects (aimed at finding long term practical solutions to the challenges facing rural food security and farm income generating activities in this region)