Our People

As an advocacy, fundraising and development intervention organization, CRW serves rural communities in SSA, development cooperation professionals, universities and research institutions, students, local governments, specialized ministries, common initiative groups, and organizations as well as the donor community in the North. Through our partner organizations and institutions both in the North and in SSA, we apply among others; the principles of project cycle management, social inclusion, economic justice, subsidiary, decentralized management of regional resources and transparency in the realization of our projects in SSA.

Changing Rural World in its mission execution, targets to link rural individuals, common initiative groups, grassroots organizations and rural communities with new ideas and technologies through participatory and inclusive strategic project planning and execution principles while at the same time, welcoming new ideas, likewise, other sustainable project proposals from rural communities in the SSA region-especially those which falls within our areas of intervention. One of our key objectives is to increase equity, long-term productivity, and responsible resource management to benefit the poor and disadvantaged rural people in Sub Saharan Africa. With increasing support from German development experts, CRW Currently has a good number of her experts’ team purely made up of devoted European- trained (made-in-Germany) indigenous-African professionals who have special concern for the well being and development of rural African communities. Most of our experts therefore have first hand experience on development intervention issues in the SSA region.

Presently we are working in Cameroon and the Gambia while also capitalizing our efforts towards the expansion of our activities in West Africa via the assistance of our West African Programme Officer.

We also look forward to extending our activities to other SSA countries as soon as we find reliable grassroots partners or rural community projects in new places.