Our Goal

Our goal is to be able to use locally adapted and efficient agricultural production systems to increase rural agricultural production, alongside fostering sustainable development of rural communities in the SSA region. In our struggle towards the attainment of this goal, we do considerably pay special attention to staple food crop production as well as, other valuable rural livestock and forest products in the region. Our approach is primarily aimed at enabling rural households meet up with their consumption and income requirements within the sphere of their annual yield. We also want to stimulate rural economic empowerment in the region especially through the development of rural agricultural sector. That is ensuring that rural farmers in the region can increase their annual agricultural yield while at the same time also being able to have access to profitable markets so as to be able to independently acquire their daily basic household needs (cooking oil, fuel for cooking and lighting, salt, common detergent for laundry and basic hygiene, school fees and study material for kids, hospital bills, etc) with little or no constraints as oppose to today’s situation wherein, most rural farmers farm incomes do not reflect the time and energy invested during the production phase of produce in question.

Given that Africans have a first hand experience on problems in their vicinity and stand a better position of understanding the social and cultural context of nowadays prevailing poverty and hunger crises in the region, we believe in order to be able to reach our goal it is imperative to encourage and promote the participation of African experts in our continuous search for lasting solutions towards making rural areas in this region a better place for all. Our activities are also aimed at encouraging more African students to be enrolled into developmental courses both at home and abroad so as to be able to generate sustainable and positive long term development initiatives for the entire SSA region. By so doing help by one way or the other to contributes in alleviating hunger and poverty in the region.