When it comes to community project sponsoring, it is imperative to note that all over the world each and every potential donor (especially main stream/major global donors) have different conditions and requirements which are expected to be fulfilled by prospective communities or common initiative groups seeking funds before developmental funds can be granted to them. Sometimes, if not well plan ahead of time, the various checks and balances done by donors and applying bodies prior to maturity of funds usually results to long waiting time as well as frustrations on both ends. Also, due to the lack of information on the funding conditions of the various global donors on the part of rural people, a good number of good intention community projects in many rural areas in SSA have in the past been turned down by donors partly because requirements laid down in project submission checklist of most donors are usually not being met by submitted community projects. More so, due to lack of professional advice to rural community project concepts and sometimes the hardship to pay exorbitant consultation fees charged by available developmental local consultants, community development in different rural areas in the SSA has in the past been hindered by these kind of circumstances.

In this light, CRW is here to break this barrier between donors and rural communities in SSA- especially those communities with genuine projects but do lack access to professional advice on their projects concepts before an application is tabled for sponsorship. CRW therefore wants to assure rural people in this area that they can now count on free of charge services from our staff. What your community needs to do is to plan your projects, develop concepts following a participatory development approach and then contact us for free pieces of advice on how your project concepts can be improved in order to make sure that it possibly attracts funds for the development of your rural community.

CRW consultancy services thus operate at two levels; for the promotion of community owned rural projects as well as the promotion of private agricultural investment in rural communities in SSA. As mentioned before, we do not charge any fees for consultations done on

community owned projects but we do charge a minimal consultation fee-which can be compared to none the world over, for organizations’ designed projects and private agricultural investment projects in rural communities in the SSA region. Bearing in mind the fact that, nothing in this world is as certain as change, the management of rural change is a challenge that CRW e.V is successfully committed to. Directing and shaping transformation processes is at the very centre of our services. With our huge reservoir of qualified interdisciplinary experts in the field of development co-operation, CRW provides consultancy services on projects related to our various areas of intervention. Here CRW goes through a submitted rural project to identify missing ingredients, possible donors and their expected requirements, as well as make relevant suggestions to our partners and rural stakeholders, for a better project concept or proposal, while, at the same time emphasizing the importance of applying the principle of participatory project planning for community development. CRW can equally help guide your rural project concepts from inception to maturity. In addition to the above consultancy offers, CRW also help other organizations (grassroots, national and international organizations) improve their performance, basically through the analysis of existing structures, challenges, opportunities and in return tailor solutions which best fit the needs of development intervention organizations and communities in question.

CRW e.V’s principle of consultancy work is based on participation in order to manage social, organisational or rural communities’ change. We are quite aware of the fact that technical inputs are only one important component to facilitate development in Rural Communities in SSA. We believe to make projects and change sustainable, it has to be based on people and community users. Sustainable rural development therefore requires a people-oriented, participatory approach to management and consultancy.

As a German based registered non-profit/Non Governmental Organisation, our key mission is to promote Rural Agricultural and Community Development in Sub Saharan Africa. One of the ways through which we pursue this challenging mission is by linking information/resource-deficient rural communities; community based non profit organisations and other local developmental institutions in Sub Saharan Africa to rural development- oriented donor institutions and foundations in Germany. Furthermore, as a professional Non Governmental Organisation, we give free technical advice to project proposals from rural communities and local institutions in Sub Saharan Africa. We as well, assist them in looking for potential project partners and funding bodies in the Northern hemisphere. Equally, when ever need arises; we are also available to carry out on behalf of funding bodies feasibility studies on project site(s) prior to implementation in order to ensure all financial and material resources allocated for the projects are going to achieve the project’s goals and impacts. On one hand, with a voluntary mandate from potential funding body, our Organisation can delegate one or more of our project staff to implement, monitor and evaluate funded project(s) in Sub Saharan Africa. On the other hand, funding bodies are as well free to decide if they really need further assistance from us or would rather prefer to deal directly with rural communities and institutions whose projects proposals are in question.